Specialized Cleaning

Ozo Specialized cleaning department works hand in hand with the CPI Department, tackling your daily cleaning jobs. This department is equipped to clean all kinds of upholstery, perform marble polish without water residues or mess left behind, vehicle valeting, solar panels, windows.. etc

OzoMalta Ltd started out with this department, 16 years ago and since then, both this department and even more so the company became more specialized and innovative in our sector.

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Solar Panel Cleaning

To be able to maximize the return from your solar panels investment a cleaning schedule should be maintained and that is where OzoMalta comes in, as we are well equipped to tackle most jobs, from residential to large industrial installations.

Marble Polish & Restoration

Not even the best polished floor can compete with a crystallized floor surface. We achieve a real mirror appearance with a fascinating aesthetic effect. Dust has nowhere to adhere, maintenance time will be reduced to a minimum.

Aircraft Cleaning

OzoMalta provides services where quality is based on professional experience and expertise, the commitment of a flexible and loyal workforce, and close dialogue with our customers.

Window Cleaning

Our window cleaning services are delivered by trained, vetted and comprehensively insured professionals. Labour, materials and the latest window cleaning technology are included in every job.

Fire Retardant Treatment

OzoMalta provides fire retardant treatment services for personal and business requirements. We can protect your upholstery with our treatment, eliminating some of the risk of fires.

Chewing Gum Removal

OzoMalta uses the latest innovative chewing gum removal equipment and procedures to provide a fast, efficient and environmentally-friendly way of removing unsightly chewing gum from tarmac, bricks, concrete, tiled floors, carpets and upholstery.

Garage Cleaning

The most attractive commercial premises can be undermined by an unkempt car park. The first place your customers see when they arrive at your establishment is your car park, and a poor first impression there can influence your entire corporate image.


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