Health and Safety

OzoMalta was established in 1996 and has since grown into one of Malta’s Leading Cleaning Services Companies. Our varied services have enabled us to become an A to Z cleaning services provider. Our clients and their needs span from aircraft cleaning to ships, 5 Star Hotels to Office blocks, cars to coaches, banks, shops and private residences.

The Company is committed to preventing injury and ill health and to comply and exceed all relevant health and safety legislation, regulations and other health and safety requirements. We will regularly evaluate the hazards and risks arising from our activities, services and products used.

Regularly, we evaluate our procedures in order to ensure that high Health and Safety (H&S) standards are maintained and are committed to provide relevant H&S training and promoting H&S awareness amongst employees.

We will implement processes to prevent H&S accidents, incidents, near misses and other nonconformities and to ensure that we are prepared to deal with potential H&S emergencies.

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OzoMalta takes great pride in the quality service it offers and will go to great lengths to maintain this high standard.

The uniforms that our staff wear with pride makes them easily distinguishable, as are our company vehicles.


We understand that training is central to the company’s success and that trained staff will provide for strong company foundations.

We commit to providing training to all out staff members on an annual basis.

All our supervisors follow an Institute of Tourism (ITS) course ‘Introduction to Supervisory Skills and Techniques’, thus enabling them to mentor fellow colleagues and take necessary decisions on site.

Other experienced staff members are identified as leaders within specific teams and will act as a point of reference on site on a day to day basis.

Moreover, a team of highly experienced personnel take a leading role in ensuring high standards within their main areas of expertise.

These experts are available any time to discuss any difficulties encountered both by OzoMalta employees as well as clients.

OzoMalta commits to further enhance the level of training offered to its employees, and will ensure that these are not only highly competent in their particular job related skills but also aware of job related H&S issues, including knowledge of how to deal with an emergency.

In order to achieve this target, the company is investing in a state of the art training centre, which can also be offered as a training hub for external entities.

This, along with a host of in-house courses that are delivered, including customer care and basic Health & Safety, will further empower OzoMalta employees in delivering top quality service.


Housekeeping is of paramount importance and it greatly contributes towards good H&S standards. OzoMalta Ltd shall maintain high housekeeping levels in-house and shall also contribute, both whether it is clearly its responsibility but not only, to maintaining a clean, tidy and safe site wherever same are contracted.

OzoMalta will also ensure that its’ staff will contribute towards both their and client’s waste separation/recycling system.

Accident, Emergency Procedures and First Aid

OzoMalta Ltd staff are trained and instructed in basic emergency response (including using 112), and hence will fully collaborate with all measures taken by client companies.

Any accidents that take place both in-house and at the site of the client are investigated and any lessons learnt are considered and applied.

It is the company’s standard procedure to encourage all employees to report to their line supervisors and managers all near misses and accidents. The company ensures that the ‘Report of Injury’ form (NI 30) is completed in full and submitted to the respective institutions at the earliest possible.

In-house, OzoMalta shall have a core group of employees that are qualified First Aiders. Names of these First Aiders will be listed in the premises First Aid area.

Use of Equipment and Tools

OzoMalta has its own equipment that can meet most of the clients’ requests. All personnel are trained in using basic cleaning equipment and group of experienced workers are trained to use more advanced vehicles/machinery such as cherry picker. Whenever necessary, OzoMalta only hires certain equipment from reputable suppliers.

A maintenance log book for all electrical equipment is kept and such equipment is checked at regular intervals.

Even when it comes to elementary hand-held equipment, OzoMalta offers personnel basic awareness on how to ergonomically use such equipment so that these are empowered to take informed decisions at the site of work.

Working at Heights

Works such as facade window cleaning will entail working at height, either from a mobile or a fixed platform. Only safe working platform with secure edge protection, intermediate guard rails and safe means of access shall be used.

It will be ensured that an experienced supervisor is amongst staff working on site whenever work from a platform is being carried out.

OzoMalta will seek assurances from the client company that any scaffolding fully complies with respective regulations.

OzoMalta will train staff and provide harnesses where there is a risk of falling more than 2 metres and it is not reasonably practicable to install fixed barriers/platforms.

Welfare Facilities

OzoMalta consistently seeks to offer its employees the best possible working environment. When reaching agreements with client firms, especially for long duration contracts, OzoMalta will ensure that the client integrates the subcontracted personnel with regards to welfare and first aid facilities.

Language – Non Native Maltese/English Speaking Personnel

Although a significant number of OzoMalta employees do not speak Maltese, all speak sufficient English. Besides induction training, the company ensures that where applicable, each team will have a team leader with good English language abilities.

Manual Handling

Basic training on manual handling and ergonomics is given to all newly recruited personnel during the induction period. Lifting techniques, carrying techniques and using other equipment is covered during this basic induction.

Health & Safety Management

OzoMalta places H&S responsibilities at the top of its priorities. We understand that no the well-being of our employees and that of others comes before any other consideration.

We take responsibility, as far as reasonably practicable, for the safe performance and actions of our employees whilst on third party site.

We commit to preparing a risk assessment for all our jobs and share significant findings with our employees as well as our clients and third parties as necessary.

All reasonable necessary actions will be taken in order to eliminate, or reduce to as low as reasonably practicable, risk to our employees.

Our company is insured as per the Employers Liability Compulsory Insurance Act.

Ultimate responsibility for H&S Management within the company lies with the Board of Directors and the Managing Director of the company.

Risk Assessment

Before any work commences on site, OzoMalta Ltd. shall nominate a qualified person to be thus responsible for carrying out risk assessments of all operations ensuring that appropriate control measures are established and incorporated into safe systems of work.

Where applicable, OzoMalta will liaise with the client to ensure that a sufficient and suitable risk assessment is carried out.

The objective of risk assessment is to highlight project related hazards and to develop methods to deal with those hazards. These assessments shall be in writing and include but not restricted to the following activities:

All risk assessments shall be reviewed and revised as necessary (normally annually). The management team will be available to liaise on all matters of health and safety relevant to these risk assessments.

Permit to Work

Wherever ‘permit to work’ systems are adopted within client companies, OzoMalta Ltd staff are trained and committed to comply with such systems as advised by the competent person within the client company.

Health & Safety Representative

OzoMalta ensures that as per relevant legal obligations, it facilitates the process whereby employees elect from amongst them an H&S Rep. who will have the company’s support to voice employees concerns with regards to H&S in general.

The H&S rep will also be consulted by the company administration where and as necessary.

Chemicals & Hazardous Substances

OzoMalta will generally use its’ own products for all cleaning purposes. Staff are trained on proper diluting procedures (where applicable), handling, application, storage and disposal of such products.

Material safety data sheets, where applicable, are stored in-house and are forwarded to all client companies.

Most of the chemicals will require use of gloves during application and OzoMalta will ensure that these and any other necessary PPE is made available as necessary.

After handling hazardous substances personnel are instructed to wash their hands prior to eating, drinking and smoking.

Electrical Equipment

OzoMalta staff are trained in the safe use of electrical equipment, including the need to individually assess any potential problems with any electrical equipment.

Operators are encouraged not to use and to report any equipment that shows signs of deterioration.

Alcohol and Smoking

OzoMalta applies a very strong policy against consumption of alcohol before or during working hours. Any offending employee faces strict disciplinary procedures which may lead to suspension.

Also, all personnel abide by respective smoking national regulations or any stricter policies within client firms.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

OzoMalta will ensure that where risk assessments call for the use of personal protective equipment (PPE), it will provide same as necessary. Sometimes, adequate arrangements will need to be made for the storage of PPE at the client’s site.

OzoMalta, and where applicable with the assistance of the client, will take all reasonably practicable steps to ensure that PPE is used correctly by the relevant persons.


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