Chewing Gum Removal

OzoMalta uses the latest innovative chewing gum removal equipment and procedures to provide a fast, efficient and environmentally-friendly way of removing unsightly chewing gum from tarmac, bricks, concrete, tiled floors, carpets and upholstery.

We provide an effective, affordable solution for a social problem that has gone untreated for years and has threatened to become uncontrollable. With a team of highly trained specialists we are keen to rid pavements, shopping centres, schools, catering facilities, hotels, sports complexes, airports, seaports and other public areas and facilities from this eyesore.

OzoMalta was the first company to seriously investing in a clean, environmentally friendly chewing gum removal system, bringing Gumbusters on our shores, previous to that chewing gum was removed by scrapers, blowtorches and power washers, leaving undesirable results behind.

The Gum Removal service can be quoted pre square metre or in the case of contracts a daily rate will be applicable.

OzoMalta’s fast and efficient process offers minimal disruption and complete safety to our clients business and surrounding areas whilst the removal of the chewing gums takes place.


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