Ceiling Pro International

At OzoMalta, we take great pleasure in announcing that we have signed an Exclusive Master Dealership Agreement with an American Company – Ceiling Pro International.

We are always striving to offer our clients a high standard of service, whatever the job may be, therefore by obtaining this franchise it means that OzoMalta can continue to be the Market Leaders and provide you with the best possible solutions with the best products and expertise.

The importance of a good public image is paramount to the success of every business. The appearance of your building can make both a positive or negative impression on the community, your customers and the people that work within the company everyday.

Therefore, we believe that a high quality maintenance program is essential to the success of the business.

How does Ceiling Pro successfully restore Ceilings?

We use the appropriate mixture of our 18 proprietary solutions to tackle the specific problem we encounter at each site. The mixture reacts with the dirty ceiling and removes the soiling, and this occurs without damaging the surface of the ceilings and/or walls.

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